RCT Spider vs HJ MWC X-Mode Alien (quality comparison) December 26 2014

Don't be fooled by the competition!

Throughout the past few years, a lot of frames have come and gone - especially full clones and partial copies of successful frames.  With that, came a lot of variation in quality, and of course - price.  In your search for a frame, you must be sure to recognize that not all identical looking frames are created equal.  As a frame seller, we've always known this, just based on comparing wholesale costs between manufacturers, but in order to be sure we were doing right by our customers, we decided to order frames from the competition to confirm that in a market full of a lot of similar designs, price does correspond with the quality of a frame in almost every case.

Overall Results

The RCT Spider frame is of much higher quality than the HJ MWC Alien frame.  In addition to the obvious quality differences, trust us when we say there is even more contrast when you're handling the frames side by side.  In fact, even building the HJ frame required us to "force" some of the bolts into the bolt holes, and this is definitely cause for concern, considering you don't want your frame to fall apart in the air!

Photo Comparison

Let's start the slide show.  First, here's a side by side of the built frames.  Notice, the designs are extremely similar and the frame plates are almost identical in cut, but the RCT Spider comes with landing gear.

Here's a view of the disassembled frames out of the box.  You can already start to see a difference in quality in the frame plate material, production, and handling.

And the frame plates close up and side-by-side.  The cut quality on the RCT frame is far superior, as is the material used.

The frame arms are very similar cosmetically, minus some slight design variations.  The HJ arms seem to be of better quality than the rest of the parts on the HJ frame, but they are all slightly inconsistent and have various blemishes, marks, and loose pieces of material from the molding process.  The RCT arms are actually slightly less bulky overall, but are more smooth and the material look to be of better quality overall.

Below are more photos from the comparison.  At this point, the difference in quality should be pretty obvious, but since we have a lot of photos from the shoot, we'll include some individual closeups here for good measure.

Did we mention that the spider comes with landing gear?  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!