RCT Spider FPV Quadcopter Frame

$ 29.99 $ 44.95

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*We have a shipment coming in any day now and these will be restocked as soon as they're delivered to us.  Contact us if you'd like to be notified.  Thanks!


This is a great starter frame if you plan to run an FPV setup with your build.  The arms on this frame are the same as the R450's we sell, so be sure to pick up some spare arms, or even grab some arms in different colors to customize your spider frame's look!  Also, with this frame, the landing gear is included!  As you can see in the images, this frame gives you a lot more real estate on the body of the copter for placing your components and it also has some vibration dampening for your Gopro and/or camera gimbal!

Weight: 486g


*Helpful Info: This frame does not come with step-by-step assembly instructions from the manufacturer - as most mass produced frames don't these days - but there are not many parts and assembly is very intuitive.  We also plan to put together instructional videos for assembling the frames we sell pretty soon.

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